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Terra Rustica

Part of my new Made in Portugal series

Every so often, I like to showcase small (and large) Portuguese businesses. There are so many wonderfully talented folks in this little country! Having been a business owner myself, I appreciate all the hard work artisans, farmers, winemakers, and other entrepreneurs do to grow their enterprises.

So I decided to start an occasional series on this blog simply called, Made in Portugal. Every once in awhile I will showcase a Portuguese business here. Sometimes it may be in a vlog format (video blog), or sometimes it may be a post. Some businesses ship their products worldwide while others only ship locally. Some have storefronts and others are strictly online.

To kick off the series, I have selected Terra Rustica, a small Portuguese business crafting all natural soaps, balms and other natural products.

If you already live in Portugal, if you’re considering a move to Portugal, or if you’re just planning a visit, I hope my series Made in Portugal will prompt you to explore and support these businesses and others just like them. Their personal stories and passion for their work is both inspiring and uplifting. Enjoy!

If you have a recommendation for a Made in Portugal business for this series, drop me a comment and tell me about it.

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Next week, it’s back to writing. Watch for my article, Taxes in Portugal - What Expats should know about NIFs, NHR Status, and filing tax returns.

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Our Portugal Journey
Our Portugal Journey
Carol A. Wilcox