Couple smiling in front of the ocean
Carol and her husband Paul at a Beach near their Portugal condo

About Us

I’m Carol (Souza) Wilcox – an American living in Portugal with my husband, Paul. I’m a freelance writer and marketer. Paul is a digital artist (and awesome love-of-my-life partner!).

Who reads Our Portugal Journey?

Over the last few years, many friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, and social media followers have asked us a variety of questions as to why we ultimately decided to move to Portugal. Part of the reason was to explore my Portuguese ancestry but there were other important reasons as well.

Our subscriber base has grown! Our Portugal Journey is read across 46 US states and 56 countries.

We hope this website will answer many questions Americans and others have about moving to and living in Portugal – whether it is for retirement (or early retirement), work, adventure, to expose your family to different cultures, or just because you’re curious. We also want to cover some of the places and people we discover along the way (and not just the touristy areas).

What you’ll get…

Honest, well- researched and detailed content about the experiences, challenges, and discoveries with moving to, and living in Portugal. Many of the topics come from the questions we’ve been asked. Some highlights you can expect in the coming months:


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Carol A. Wilcox

Online content writer/publisher of Our Portugal Journey, a website about an American couple’s experiences, challenges, and discoveries with moving to, and living in Portugal. Specializing in writing about travel, tourism, expat living, food and wine.