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Interesting read. Perhaps change your “dollars” to euros and “pounds” to kilograms as those are the measures you live by now.

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I've been using several of your posts recently as we get closer to our move, and this one is the most recent that has come in handy.

We'll be arriving on separate flights and my husband will have our dog with him, so I'm trying to set up grocery delivery for him so he won't have to leave the dog in a completely unfamiliar house while he goes hunting for food. In any case, just wanted to say thank you again for such helpful and useful information.

On a related matter, how did you find your laundry service? We're going to be staying in temporary housing across the river from Lisbon for several weeks and I would love to find a laundry service. Are you using a big company or did you just find a local shop that offers this service?

Thanks again!

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Thanks so much for the kind words, Laura! I'm so happy that my information is helpful to you as you start your own Portugal journey. We do have a laundry service in our neighborhood, but the one we use came recommended to us by someone who helped us get the lease on our condo. If you want to send me an email (you can find it in the "About" page, I'll be happy to provide you with the name and email of the service we use. I believe they service the greater Lisbon area.

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As always very detailed and great information for a person just getting started with online grocery shopping!

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great information. Thanks

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