Congratulations on your move.

What’s your feeling about moving away from family? I assumed you have children.

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Thanks for the congratulations, Bob. Paul and I don't have children, but that doesn't mean we didn't think long and hard about our move since we each have a parent in their mid-90's still living. In 2003, Paul and I moved from the east coast to Arizona where we knew no one, so our families and friends are accustomed to us not being around all the time. Having said that, we make a point to stay in touch regularly. When Paul and I were both working, our “vacations” were visits back East to family and friends. We still plan to visit the U.S. now that we’re in Portugal. And WhatsApp and/or FaceTime make it easy to stay connected.

I know people who say that they can’t leave their children/grandchildren and we completely respect that. It’s a highly personal decision. But children and grandchildren have a habit of growing up and at some point, they probably won’t want to hang around with their parents/grandparents as much.

No matter if you have children, grandchildren, elderly parents, or no children, your life is yours and you deserve to enjoy it especially after a lifetime of working hard and caring for others. For me, I make a point to call my elderly father and tell him a “story” each week when I call. I tell him about the places I’ve explored, the people I have met, the foods I have tried, and he looks forward to hearing my stories.

I can’t think of a better way than to enrich your life and those of your children/family/friends by living in another country, experiencing new cultures and adventures, and sharing those experiences and stories with them.

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