Sitemap - 2023 - Our Portugal Journey

Holiday Greetings from Our Portugal Journey!

Playing Tourist in Lisbon

Castanha Season in Portugal

For a minute, I thought we were back in Scottsdale!

Bits & Bites

Fiscal Injustice?

Finding a Place to Live – Part Two

Media Mentions

Finding a Place to Live – Part One

Wildfires Everywhere and New Visa Requirements for Americans Traveling to Europe

Lady in Red Contemporary Art Gallery

A Tale of 2 Papas: The Pope visits Portugal: and Saying Goodbye to the First Man I ever loved.

You have questions. I have answers.


Celebrating Festas Junina and Eating Sardines

What you think really matters. The subscriber feedback survey results.

Frustration, frustration, frustration

Is Failing an Option?

Portuguese Bolota

Por Favor...

What are all these Ceramic birds?

The meaning behind a 76-year-old pack of herbs

Eating Chocolate Cake in a 17th Century Guest House

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Porches Pottery

What we learned about Guarantees and Warranties in Portugal

Look! Up in the sky! It's a (big) bird!

Visiting Palmela Portugal

It's time for recess!

Buddha Eden Garden

Sleep in a "Museum"

Carnival in Portugal. It’s a big deal here.

Valentine Celebrations in Portugal

We're staying in another convent!

Live like a King in Portugal?

My Dad’s Childhood Experience Making Ginja

Today on Expat Chat...

What I learned from Steve McCurry

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Pousada do Convento da Graça

Bonus Post: Join my Expat Chat

Our first visit back to the U.S.

Happy New Year from Our Portugal Journey!